"I look forward to my fitness sessions and classes with Carrie each and every week . In additional to constantly challenging me physically with creative moves that produce results, Carrie motivates my inner physique as well. Her consistent high level fitness instruction inspires me to push my body and mind to its limits each and every session. The energy she exudes is contagious and fuels me long after the class. Her creativity in the session structure and music is fresh and always on point and rivals that of national celebrity trainers I have worked with.

My work with Carrie truly has taken me well above and beyond just fitness!"

Susan Tucker ~ PR & Marketing Guru,Wife, Mother

"Carrie is a great motivator, who is committed to bringing out the very best in everyone she trains. She pushes you hard, but does it with unfailingly positive energy and enthusiasm. As a result, you want to give that extra effort which produces results. Carrie finds a remarkable way to bring out the inner athlete in everyone."

Gordon Cooney, Jr. ~ Partner at Law Firm, Husband and Father

"I have been working with Carrie for several years now. She inspires me to work towards my fitness goals. So much so that I can now fit in my 20 year old wedding tux!!"

Michael Silverman ~ Finance, Husband, Father

"Carries approach to fitness in unparalleled. Because she constantly changes her workouts I never get bored. She consistently delivers a unique and challenging routine. Her motivation and encouragement give me the ability to physically push myself to the max! When I want to give up and feel I can't physically do another exercise/rep Carrie is there to propel me to the pinnacle of fitness. She is the best!!!"

Steven Gartenberg ~ Business Owner, Husband, Father

"I have always been someone who likes to exercise. But I was a creature of habit who did the same thing day in and day out never seeing the results I wanted. It wasn't until my friend took me to a spin class with an instructor who really wanted to motivate, where I realized it was time for a change. Carrie's motivation in her spin led me to try her boot camps- how much hard could they be?! Little did I know the things my body was pushed to do. It was pushed to the limit. But she was right there to push me every step of the way. When my husband and I got engaged I knew the secret to getting into wedding dress shape. I pushed harder then ever at her boot camps and every class she taught. She was constantly pushing me to better myself and work harder because she knew I wanted results. The day of my wedding I felt better then ever, I rocked the hell out of my dress. She was there for me mentally and physically. I will forever be grateful, and continually follow her to every class she teaches!"

Jessica Gitter ~ Physical Therapist, Wife

"Carrie is a dedicated and focused trainer and fitness coach. She walks into a room and lights it up with her energy and enthusiasm for fitness.  Her classes never leave you wanting or needing anything more. Carrie is able to accommodate all fitness levels and specific injuries. She will encourage you to not only believe in yourself but to attain any and all fitness goals.  Nothing is better then experiencing a boot camp, spin class, or training session with Carrie."

Julie Dombar ~ Fitness Activist, Wife, Mother

"I cannot say enough good things about Carrie. I am 55 yrs old an I am in better shape now than I was 25 years ago and I have Carrie to thank for that. She has pushed me further than I thought possible. She is a true inspiration!"

Marsha Petnick ~ Business Owner, Wife, Mother

"I've worked out with Carrie for the better part of the last decade. She has been instrumental in getting me in the best shape of my life. And I don't plan to stop. To get results, you need to enjoy the workouts. That's Carries most differentiating characteristic. She will motivate you and make your workouts fun and enjoyable and sweaty. She has a unique spark in her training approach that is contagious. 

I suggest you catch it!"

Chuck Conrad ~ Business Owner, Husband, Father

"Carrie is an inspirational motivator and coach in fitness and in life! Her eternal smile and optimism is infectious and her upbeat coaching style makes you want to keep going and reach your goals. The combination of Carrie’s positive energy, humility and charisma makes her a true leader. If she ever moves away, I’m packing up and following her!"

Joy Marx ~ Executive Producer, Mother

"The energy Carrie brings to every class is electric.  No matter what kind of day you've had before coming to class, you're instantly inspired to do your best the second she steps into the room."

Jenn Van Arsdalen ~ Technology Guru, Daughter