Project C Is BACK – 6 Week PLAN / Summer Slump Is Activated!

Well ALL – here we go…….no more excuses!  You have 6 weeks until the summer is over and we need to end on a FIT and HEALTHY note!  How can we get there?  Calories first…..are you eating too much?  Barbeques galore?  One too many afternoon quench thirsting cocktails?  OR, the ice cream will cool you off excuse? 

NO MORE!!! Got it!!!  It’s time to take advantage of the HEAT!  It’s too hot to eat!  It’s sooo HOT – drink lots and lots of water!  It gives you energy and keeps you hydrated to work out!!! 

So, water is first –

Second is, while we have all the berries in season – stock up and eat them when you need a snack.  The antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, all are your friend.  I’m talking about blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries.  Then stock up on watermelon, banana’s, grapes, tomatoes, carrots, celery, whatever fruit and vegtables you desire.  As long as it’s in moderation.

Go to the store and buy some tomorrow.  And tomorrow, I’m going to fill you in on calorie consumption and motivating yourself to eat when you are hungry.  Not when you think you should!!!  Big difference!!!  Good to be back!  Talk soon!