16th Day – January 17th – 20 MINUTE WORKOUT!

20 MINUTE WORKOUT – wherever you are, this workout gives you the jumpstart to workout each day, no matter what!!!  NO EXCUSES!  This cardio session will burn calories and tone your body. Try 3 sets of 20 reps of each move three days this week!  Let’s Do Monday, Wednesday & Friday!!!!

  1. SKY JUMPS – (targets legs and butt): Squat with hands together in prayer position. Jump up as you reach arms above head. Repeat.
  2. JUMP LUNGES – (legs and butt): Start in a lunge, with right foot in front. Both knees are slightly bent, with left foot high on the toe. Jump up and switch legs, landing with left leg in front. Do 20 reps on each leg.
  3. INCHWORM – (shoulders, back and abs): While standing, reach to the floor and walk hands out to plank pose (with back and legs straight). Keeping hands in place, take small steps until legs meet hands. Stand and repeat.
  4. IMAGINARY JUMP ROPE – (arms and core): Do a variety of jumps (on both legs, on one leg, side to side) for one minute, swinging and imaginary jump rope.
  5. LEG SWINGS – (hips): Stand on one leg. Swing other leg forward, then back with knee bent. D 20 reps on each leg.