15th Day – What Do You Think? January 16th, Saturday

It’s the 15th day of Project C.  I want to know how everyone is doing?  My progress has been more rocky then consistent. 

Exercising I do in my sleep! It takes NO effort for me to want to kick my ass everyday!  Love that part!!!  If you need inspiration……. please let me know.  I can and will motivate you!

Eating factor is day to day.  WHY?  Because I work out so hard, I can become ravenous at different times of the day.  So, how can I prevent the urge to consume a lot of calories that I shouldn’t eat and make better choices consistently through out the day?  That’s today’s FOCUS!!!  My next blog will explain how and I will include the diet plan.  REALLY….. it’s not a diet.  It’s just a healthy meal plan to stick too, if you are sick and tired of the yo yodesire to sabotage all the effort we put forward to exercise and eat pretty healthy regularly.  Talk soon!!!  Stay tuned:)