Thursday – January 14th

This month is flying by already.  It’s amazing to think about how i felt at the beginning of the month vs. today.  Physically, i feel stronger.  Mentally, I’m still struggling.  Why?  Well, someone asked me last night what was my goal?  Matt said, I need a plan to see my goal through, or it just becomes a dream.  So, I thought about it and I had too many that came to mind.  And then today,  I narrowed it down.  My goal is optimal health!  Project C is the 6 week plan.  When I say optimal health – I mean “you are what you eat”, so eat clean! Our bodies need proper nutrition to fuel the engine.  Moving isn’t my problem it’s fueling the engine.  So, for the next 7 days,  I will track my diet and let you know why I’m eating the foods I have selected in order to have optimal health!!!